Wednesday, September 12, 2012


now selling these beauties! the detachable peter pan collars are handmade and come in fabric or felt and embellished how you want :) i love how these because when you wear them with any shirt/sweater/dress it changes the look completely. range from $8-12! can come with a clasp/ribbon in the front, or ribbon in the back. loving this trend!
gold glitter turban pictured is available.

can request to have one that is reversable like this one below. (gray sparkles on one side, and flowers on the other)

 one of my favorites, the gem collar! perfect for adding color to a shirt/dress/sweater!

 glitter, can also request different colors
 felt with lace and embellishment
studded collar coming soon.
(more turbans.)

oh, so comfy:)
love the floral fabric. these are all stretchy.
accepts payment through paypal
email me at:

Sunday, September 9, 2012

turban headbands

                             are so much fun! these are some of the fabrics that are available.
however the lace and mint are sold out..
just got the navy white hounstooth in!
the floral underneath these is available!
if you like the mint, the blue one above is a great alternative!
1 for 12 or 2 for $15 right now!!
all fabrics are stretchy knit
still need head measurements for perfect fit

Sunday, September 2, 2012

baby bows

range from 4-6 depending on what is wanted. if you order more than 5, the price goes down. :)

knot turbans

are perfect if you like a thinner headband. so comfy! come in creme, houndstooth, floral, mustard print, red cheetah, grey stripes, black stripe, purple. pictures of fabrics coming soon.
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