Tuesday, August 18, 2009

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dreamsicle: {a clip with orange flowery fabric with lace attached with unique leaf button} $8 miss.victoria: {gold flower with sparkly gold button, gold sheer fabric and off white feather} $12
bling bling:{white flower with lace incorporated in the middle with bling in the middle, topped off with black feathers} $11
peace.love&lace:{vintage flower fabric flower with green lace topped off with creme and gold button on a thin sparkly gold headband} $12

comfy comfy:{layered cut out fabrics with a cute big buttons and small on a soft comfy gray band} $10
blue craze:{vintage flower fabric with blue with a white button on thick comfy gray band} $10

chettahlicious: {flowery plum fabric flower overlapped on cheetah fabric on gold thick comfy headband}
peach&gem:{cute green fabric with yellow cheery fabric underneath with a big white and gold button on white thick comfy band} $10
pure vintage:{cutest vintage flowery fabric with navy blue in the middle on thick navy comfy band} $10
golden gal:{gold lace wrapped around felt topped with antique pearls on thick gold band} $11
pretty&precious:{gray flower with feathers on thick black band} $9
tic tac toe3 in a row:{cute handmade flowers with matching small buttons on thin silver band} $11
rockin flower:{huge flower with big button on comfy brown band} $10
workoutaholoic:{homemade flower dark gray stripes, silver button on thick comfy band} $10

brown&gold:{brown homemade flower with gold vintage fabric flower with gold buttons on brown thick headband} $10
z is for zebra:{silvery and zebra homemade flowers with delicate rhine stone on thin stretchy band} $8

come sail away:{yellow flower with silver button on navy blue comfy band} $9

brown&bronze:{baby blue fabric with brown, bronze and brown button on thin stretchy band}$9
p is for polka dots:{black polka dot fabric flower with black and white check flower with square button}$7

peace.love.& hip-headbands



  1. who was the model you used for the last one!?? :) i love you and your headbands it makes me happy!!! good luck selling!

  2. SUCH a cute blog idea! I love it! I want to make headbands with you! Plus, I know a TON of people who would buy your headbands... seriously. Love you girl!

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  5. Such talent! I love all of them. I love how you can pick very classy to very trendy and FUN! HOW FUN!!! Love you!

  6. BAH! You are so talented! AND have been so busy! Wow- those are all amazing. I loved the headband you made Susie- so dang cute. The girlies and I will have to come and pick some out soon- fun. I'm totally impressed!

  7. Very cute Joslin. I love your blog too. I think Chloe is going to need to order something from you....

  8. This is a wonderful blog that you have created! I'm soooo proud of you. You go girl!!!!! Nana