Sunday, February 7, 2010

my 2010 gems

{orange dreamsicle- comfy band wrapped in lace with orange coordinating fabric yo yo's with sparkly orange embelishments with gold button and pearl} $15
{teal+brown=love-brown thick band with teal ribbon on top of it, two coordinating yo yo's with soft teal and brown fabric and creme topped off with the cutest unique gold buttons.} $15
{fancy me flowers-hard band with two yo yo's that are brown with colorful flowers topped off with gold buttons} $12

{shush your mouth, so cute- gold flower with creme leaves on teal gold vintage band made out of fabric} $10


  1. Cute model! :)
    I wish I could pull off headbands but I can't...tis a shame!

  2. I'll take the headband and the girl in it, all for $l0.00 what a deal, Jos I need some more, I really liked the one I borrowed from your mom, it had yellow and I can't remember the other colors, but for work I think I need, a plain black one, I love love love the black striped I wore it today it was perfect with my wonderful Jacket that your mom, and Jolyn and Jill gave me for mothers day, they are so fun,
    I'm afraid they are additive! love you